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The solution is to excite. That's right: in a world where we are bombarded at every moment by hundreds of images, audios, and content, the only way to get noticed is to uniquely break through to the attention of customers and prospects.


Medical Marketing Videos

Medical marketing videos are produced to communicate the features and benefits of a product or service and usually conclude with a compelling call to action. When distributed digitally, such as on a website or through social media, or when used to support the pitch of a sales rep, medical marketing videos are extremely powerful and can have world wide reach. They help your target audience visualize what it is that is so special about what you are offering, help them understand why they must have it, and compel them to pull the trigger. Creative and engaging medical marketing videos are proven to boost ROI and sales many times over.

Surgical videos

Surgical procedure videos give the viewer a seat in the surgical room in order to experience a medical procedure in process from start to finish. Often the video highlights the surgical procedure setup, patient prep, instrument setup, patient incision, device implantation, patient closure, and cleanup. The viewer also benefits from hearing the surgeon describe the process in detail throughout the of the procedure. Medical procedure videos can be combined with virtual reality and post production graphics to allow the viewer additional interactivity and highlight key learning objectives.

360 Videos

Infuse is expert at employing bleeding edge technologies of interactive and immersive video, including 180˚ and 360˚ video for use in virtual reality and augmented reality applications. These formats are ideal for immersive visualization, interactive training, and highly-engaging learning experiences. Additionally, with Solofire, you can distribute and manage your VR, AR, and 360˚ video content instantly, on any mobile or desktop device, worldwide. When combined with interactive programming and embedded motion graphics, your VR and 360˚ videos will create an impact that the viewer will not be able to forget.

Medical renderings and 3D video animations are to date the simplest and most engaging means of explaining complex medical procedures and concepts.

The effectiveness of a medical communication campaign is determined by the degree of involvement and emotional impact. This is why we decided to specialize in creating 3D medical videos: we use virtual graphics to show the human body in a new way and to create a bridge between your company and the audience you want to reach.

Words are not always the easiest and quickest way to convey a concept, especially in health care: physicians and other health care professionals communicate using technical terms that lay people cannot understand.

In the context of an advertising campaign or presentation, this mechanism can create problems. Indeed, it is essential to translate technical language into simpler, more concise language.

Thanks to our medical writers, we are able to transform the most complex concepts into simple and usable visual representations. Medical videos allow us to translate scientific information and concepts into simple and immediate visual language that everyone can understand.

All of the 3D scientific images we create are designed to communicate your drug or medical device in the time of a glance.

We enhance your product and design each image specifically for your target audience.

The 3D scientific images we develop are intended to excite and persuade, making your communication tools more effective and profitable.

3D medical animation emerges as the clearest and most understandable means of explaining any complex medical process.

Indeed, one of the main challenges of medical communication is to make a dynamic process understood in its various elements and the relationships that unite them. The Mechanism of Action of drug or medical device presented in a static way is hardly understood and absorbed by the audience. A custom-designed and executed 3D animation, on the other hand, accompanies the person (even those without medical training) to visualize the process clearly in its entirety.


Our job is to create 3D images and videos to tell your science stories.

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