The world needs
something different.

What a new complex world marketing is. It’s more important than ever to live by values. Be more meaningful. Follow up with action. Foster diversity. Differentiate always. Talk to people. Listen more. Innovate. Excel. Succeed. Repeat. To do it all, we have put together a collective of deeply specialized agencies. Use some of us, or just one of us. We’re here to help clients be more resilient, more impactful, more successful. Can we really help you do all this? Together, we can.

Luca Signorini

Marketing Specialist & General Manager

Luca Manderioli

3D Artist & VR Specialist

Luca Baggiarini

Video Director

Chiara Marchetti

Event Planner

Mario Luzio

Tech Manager

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Email : experience@mediaforscience.it

Address : Strada di Paderna, 2 - 47895 Domagnano RSM